Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My gymnastics story!

Hi Gymternet gymnasts!  I'm Kayleigh and I'm a 13 year old gymnast! I am starting this blog to inspire people and to encourage them to try their best no matter what the circumstance is.  So without further ado I will tell you my gymnastics story....

  I don't really remember what got me in to gymnastics but I remember being really excited to start.  My first class was a homeschool class and I was in that class for about four months.  Back then my goal was to compete so I asked my homeschool coach what program I should try that would get me to  a competitive level FAST.  He recommended TNT (tramp and tumble) so I started Rec. classes and quickly moved up levels.  I was in tramp and tumble pre-team when I realized I wanted to try all four events.  So I went back to Rec. classes but this time in Girls Gymnastics. In all my classes I was the oldest and I longed for a teamate who was my age.   I wanted to compete in Girls gymnastics but the gym I was going to was too expensive.  I continued to practice and practice 24/7 at home on my beam, tumbling mat and trampoline.  (Now you know why my worst event is bars LOL)  It wasn't until about 4 days ago that we found a gym that looked like it had a affordable team!  My mom and me emailed the gym but they never responded so yesterday my mom called them and we found out that they had a program for girls like me who started gymnastics later in life and still wanted to compete and have teammates their own age.  I am trying out this program on August 8th! If I do this team I will have to pay for some of it!  Our family is still working this out

So that's my gymnastics story story and I hope it was interesting!  I will keep this blog updated with what my journey holds next!  Bye gymternet gymnasts!


My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOSiyAHJohlY7Q7mgbD_Pkw

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